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Every day, we assist our property investor and business clients to achieve greater success. Benefit from our expertise.

Here’s a list of how we help our clients:

  • Guiding through sound Property Tax and Structure Advice.
  • Measure needs through Property Advisory Meeting with prospective new clients, with full advice provided at discounted rate of $391 including GST. >> For more detail
  • Review the financial implications of buying a rental
  • Providing financial statements for LTCs, Trusts and other structures. >> Our prices
  • Formation of Look Through Companies
  • Act as Trustee and assist with Trust administration and formation (note: lawyers form Trusts)
  • Training and support for Xero or Banklink


“Thanks Ross for meeting with us after hours last night. It was great to talk to you and we came away feeling like we are on the right track. We thought the advice you offered was really valuable and gave us plenty to discuss last night.” Marissa & Craig

" Wow! I’m really impressed with how thorough the information is that you have supplied, and with the suggestions to do from here on in – I’ve found it really helpful and easy with making the switch over - I love seeing simple and effective systems in place - well done guys! We are really happy with the structure Ross has suggested for our property business and we would like for you guys to be a part of our team as we grow the business. " Jynel & Glenn 29/05/18

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