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Starting Your Property Investment Journey

10 September 2020


Starting Your Property Investment Journey

 By Ross Barnett - Property Accountant






6 Key things


1.  Don't Rush

It is important to act but that doesn't mean you have to RUSH.

It is better to buy a good property that works for you and sets a good foundation.  If you can add equity and get good cash flow, then this helps you to move forward and buy more and more properties.

A bad property can act like a handbrake and slow you down in the future.  Very important if you want to accumulate a lot of rentals.





2.  Goals

Why do you want to invest in property?

It is important to set simple goals.  Then you can easily review if a potential property helps you achieve those goals.

If your goal is to buy one rental to help with retirement, your strategy will be very different from someone who wants to buy 10 rental properties in the next 10 years.

A great starting point is a free Financial Success Review with One50 Group.  They can help you set goals and a financial plan. If you email me (, I can organise a free Financial Success Review for you.  Or you can book a free chat with me here.



3.  What do you already have?

Rather than looking for a new property:

  • Is your personal house sub-dividable? Can you put a minor dwelling on the back? Can you legally convert the downstairs garage into a sleep out? Can you get a boarder, flatmate or Airbnb income?
  • Or, do you have a rental that has an opportunity?
  • Or, your family or friends?

Often these kind of opportunities will add value and give great cash flow.  Often they can be better than buying another rental.



4.  Know the Basics, Basic Numbers and Structure

Many rentals don't have great cash flow, and that is at 2.49% interest rates.

So, it is important to look at what your possible rental will make you in profit, or what it will cost you.  Look now, and over the next 10 years, and factor in possible interest rate rises.

Often multiple dwellings, sub-divisions or other twists can give better cash flow.

A great starting point can be to have a free telephone chat with me for 5-10 minutes, or a Property Advisory Meeting.  Click here to book a time that suits you.



5.  Pre-approval for Finance

There is no point finding an amazing property if you can't buy it.

Getting the team at One50 Group to help see what you can borrow is an important step.  They can help you save money on your current loans, plus see what you can borrow, and help set you up to buy future rentals.  For more information visit:



6.  Legal Clauses

I like to get a conditional contract on a property.  That way, it is secured before I do my due diligence, such as checking if the property is sub-dividable.

Spend some time with your lawyer early on. Establish what clauses you should put in a possible Sale & Purchase Agreement for due diligence.  That way you can put offers on properties without having to wait for your lawyer each time.


Other Simple Tips

  • Always get an independent rental appraisal.  Never believe the ones from an agent or developer, get your own.
  • Same with valuations, if required.  Often your bank or broker will just do an e-value that won’t cost you anything.
  • Always check you can actually get insurance.
  • Healthy Homes – a new heat pump in a new build doesn’t necessarily meet the Healthy Homes requirements.
  • Make sure your property is insulated before renting.
  • Be careful renting unconsented dwellings and look into this fully, as can cause major Tenancy Tribunal issues.
  • Don’t believe cash flow reports completed by the developer or sales person.  Do your own due diligence and get independent advice.


Kind regards

Ross Barnett



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